Touch Calendar


14th January Summer Touch – second half of the summer seasons commence
22nd January Victoria Park Tuesday Lunch Time Touch commences (9 weeks)
28th January Auckland Anniversary Weekend – Monday competitions cancelled
6th February Waitangi Day-  Competitions cancelled
9th February Annual Waiheke Island Tournament
4th March Summer Touch Finals commencespecific dates vary
8th April Newmarket Autumn Touch and Turbo Touch commence (12 weeks)
9th May North Shore Autumn Turbo Touch commences (11 weeks)
10th May West Auckland Autumn Turbo Touch commences (11 weeks)
5th May Coxes Bay Sunday Winter League commences
26th July West Auckland Turbo Touch commences (11 weeks)
29th July Winter Touch and City Turbo Touch commence (12 weeks)
1st August North Shore Winter Turbo Touch commences (10 weeks)
25th August Coxes Bay Sunday Winter Finals
8th September Spring Warm-up One Day Tournament
7th October St Peters College Winter Touch and Turbo Touch Finals
15th October Victoria Park Tuesday Lunch Time Touch commences (9 weeks)
14/21st October Victoria Park and Coxes Bay Summer Touch commence
22nd October Airport & Mt Eden – Grammar Adult Touch Commences
23rd October Norwest, Sandringham Junior Touch commence (7 weeks)
24th October Orakei – Grammar Tec Junior Touch commence (7 weeks)
28th October Labour Weekend and commencement of Summer Touch
30th October Massey, Cornwall Park, Mt Roskill Adult Touch Commences
31st October Grammar Tec Jnrs/SnrsMassey Mix, Cornwall Park (Thurs), Sandringham (Thurs) Adult Touch Commences
20th December Christmas Holiday Close-down – All competitions break