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Technically speaking we are still allowed to start our Autumn Touch competition on Monday 6th April, however I am thinking we will be pushing this out to the 20th April (After Easter). We would still run the full 12 weeks before flicking directly into the WINTER season Early in August.

The Sunday Morning Coxes Bay Competition is set to start on May 3rd and we are hoping to stick to this date. (Cross Fingers).

Of course I am watching to see if our friend COVID19 starts spreading in the community and if things get worse, we might be forced to push out the start dates later in May, reduce the weeks and costs accordingly, and of course potentially consider a total cancellation!.

The Autumn competition is FULL at this stage  but I suggest before teams start withdrawing that we wait another week or 2 until we KNOW exactly wtf is going to happen! Rest assured you will NOT be forced to touch anyone infected with the virus!

That’s all for now – Graeme