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If you are 40yrs plus (or an out of shape 35 year old) then pay attention.

This coming summer its time to get your dad bod greased, your tight hammy’s pinging and of course to give your better half a night off through the summer. (You could also consider financially supporting the local Rugby Club bar with your valuable patronage AFTER your weekly game).

This summer we have dedicated Masters grades at the following venues;

Coxes Bay – Monday *
Orakei (Grammar TEC) – Thurs
Massey – Wed
Cornwall Park – Thurs
Grey Lynn – Friday *
Sandringham (Thursday has been closed and team moved to Cornwall)

* If we don’t have sufficient teams we will play in Mens Social grade

No team: Why not sign up for the the Touch GURUS – This is the team/club if you are OLD, have NO MATES and are Out Of Touch (Touch trifecta). We will chuck you in a team of unfit, over 35’s and enter you at our CORNWALL, MASSEY and ORAKEI Grades

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