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Not that our prizes aren’t awesome, for instance a substantial Bar Tab, or a full team kit or a barbeque for 15 people or discounts off future fees etc, but from our humble beginnings in 2011, we made it clear we won’t offer prize-money and that higher grades wouldn’t get more valuable prizes than social grades.


With over 100 grades, across 15 Modules, earning our valuable prize-vouchers, we do spend a small fortune on rewarding our Winners and Runner’s up. “Winning” and striving to achieve within your grade is important, which is why we gear the whole season towards the knockouts and finals evening.  What we do know is that winning the Open A grade or Super Social grade will mean exactly the same to those teams playing and doing their best.

Now that said; our organization is not all about “Winners” either. We are about getting as many people playing Touch, about marketing and growing our competitions, being affiliated to Touch NZ and provincial associations, supporting referees and providing a solid admin base and IT systems for managers and captains.

For this reason we actually cherish our Lovable Losers – the ones who pay their fees, who reliably turn up, respect our referees and who make our small business viable. Paying elite teams prize-money does not make our organization financially viable, nor does it encourage all those average joe teams to start playing.

So if its Prize-Money you are after, you are welcome to hunt down the few remaining modules that offer that incentive. You go with our blessing and you are certainly welcome back at any time.