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Just a reminder of our Inclement Weather Policy

Whenever there is little bit of rain in the air, we start to receive emails and texts with the question “are we playing”.

The answer is always “YES” you are playing and that remains the case until we specifically inform your team otherwise in the following manner:

1: We update Facebook – – LIKE US!!
2: We send an email to the database.
3: We update our website news section –
4: We text captains only

Then with regards to the actual decision to cancel, here is how we make the decision. We won’t CANCEL because its raining per say. We cancel if there is danger to life or limb, the chance of irreparable damage to the field and finally if we can afford to postpone fixtures.

If ever you are mildly worried about rain just before you come down for your fixture, you are welcome to TEXT to 021 249 3678 or the designated TOUCH line of 027 666 5668 to ask but if there is no update on the website, facebook page or received a text advising that Touch is cancelled, it is very likely that its still going ahead.