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Covid is not playing ball. If and when, we get the go ahead, we at are ready run leagues at the drop of a hat! The draws, the refs, the fields & the equipment can be fired up within a week of Level 2+ restrictions being met.

If you haven’t signed up, because you are just NOT SURE, please still go ahead and enter your team online. Click Here. Don’t stress about paying fees, or potentially having to withdraw. Your entry helps us guage true demand and to get our grading sorted.

If it helps with your planning please take a look at the following info: These are our intentions!.. When can we play?… How are you protected?… What systems are in place?

When we get to gatherings of “20 or more”, in an outside environment, we feel we can safely being competitions. This was known as Level 2 in previous lockdowns, however with the new scenarios maybe this will be stage 2 or 3. (Like everyone we are waiting on more clarity).

Latest possible start in 2021
Junior Touch – 10th November (latest possible start). This will allow us to run a 5 week Competition. (We will reduce entry fees accordingly)
If term 4 is cancelled, we WILL be back for a 7 week season in Term 1 Season
Adult Touch – We can start any week from now until Xmas. If the remainder of the year is cancelled, we will run an abbreviated Jan-April Season of around 10 weeks. (We will reduce entry fees accordingly)

Playing Areas: Touch Fields count as independent playing areas, so naturally we can accommodate all teams and we are confident of separating them.
Vaccine status: All players will need to indicate their vaccine status in their online profile*. (This information is confidential and strictly for administrators to know). We reserve the right to make vaccines mandatory and will follow Sport NZ’s lead on this one.
Contact Tracing: All players will need to be registered and captains will be required to Tick who is present for each game.
QR codes and signing in will be mandatory
Equipment cleaning will be mandatory between games

Financial and Refund Policy
No Play No Pay – We have 3 options
1: We can issue a Refund on fees direct to your account. 2: Keep a credit against your Team for future competitions 3: Donate your entry fee to our designated Charity – Mass Sport Trust
We are no longer requiring a deposit to enter your team and you are only liable for fees once the season has started.
If the season doesn’t start, we will issue a full refund to any teams that have paid.
If the season starts, but gets shortened, we will issue a pro-rata refund based on the number of games not played, MINUS a $50 admin fee.

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