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No Vacc No Play – Get the JAB and see you at the park!

Covid Plan (dated 2 December at 12pm) 

Here is our Evolving Vaccine / Covid Plan. At any time, the latest update appearing live here, will be our official stance.

  1. People who haven’t been double vaccinated cannot participate in our competitions.
  2. All players must be prepared to show a valid Vaccine Passport QR Code, either printed or on a charged and present mobile phone.
  3. TouchRugby reserves the right to insist that this Pass be presented before playing.
  4. Any leniency granted in NOT requesting a pass, does not become a right as in, “you never asked me last time”.
  5. Team Organisers – please gather copies (printed or electronic) of your respective members passports for Presentation to referees and venue managers.

Its as Simple as that! and YES, the right to participate in our competitions is totally reserved.

Its not that we want to be dickheads either. Please understand and truly believe…

We don’t enjoy being told what to do
We certainly believe in Freedom of Choice
We respect and admire those ready to take a stand for what they believe in
We resent being locked down while certain members of society do what they will

BUT the Vaccine battle is a non-issue for us. We have bigger things to worry about such as staying in business and providing sport and recreation for thousands of Aucklanders. We are happy to discuss and fight battles about racism, about referee abuse, about Policies and Rules affecting our game.. but not on Vaccines –

No Vacc No Play

If you want to take a stand, Hats off to You, but we beg of you, don’t do it at our competitions or events. Do it on your own social media posts and march at your own gatherings. You will be politely asked to leave.

Other Important Info:
Masks to be worn before and after games, in accordance with Traffic Light Protection Framework.
Stay in your Team Bubble before and after the game.

Like calling a phantom touch – if you want to deceive us – it’s on you and those who know what you have done.