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PARENTS / TEACHERS / COACHES of Juniors – Happy reading..

Here is how TouchRugby will be operating their Junior Touch Modules in the red Light of the CPF. We have used the following 2 resources; Government – and Sport NZ.

Summary: Touch in Red Light

Players: There are no requirements for physical-distancing while playing outdoor community sport. Multiple groups can operate simultaneously if they remain separated within defined spaces. (A Touch field is a defined space).
Coaches and Managers: Are allowed into the defined space of the players and are not included as participants for gathering numbers. (Ideally managers and coaches should wear a mask)
Spectators: Must not join the players on the field (defined space) and Must follow the general rules for life in Red Light (ie.Social Distance, Mask Wearing, Sanitise). A group of parents watching a game, may technically constitute their own gatherings in red light, but they must confidently remain in an isolated defined area and not mix with other groups. (Is this worth it, for the privilege of supporting without a mask?)
Vaccine Pass:
We are operating our leagues as a MY VACCINE EVENT. This sets our gathering numbers to 100. (Notwithstanding the fact that most of our Touch games will consist of less than 25 people per defined area, and therefore even in Red Light may proceed as an unvaccinated gathering, we choose to operate as such).
Players and Spectators over the age of 12: No Vacc – No Gather – No Play. All managers and / or coaches and / or responsible parents must sight these passes. If you enter a defined space (A touch field), to participate or support, you must carry your pass and MAY be requested to show it. * Good Faith Below
Multiple Teams: A player / coach may play in 2 different teams, but no more than 2. (Our logic is that a general Touch game involves 25 people at most, and being involved with more than 2, will be exposing us to above 100 people gathering).
Children u12: Children under 12 are not obliged to be vaccinated to participate. Children under 12, if vaccinated, are not required to show proof.
Good Faith: We are happy to allow parents, managers and volunteers to mask up and check passes on our behalf. In Good faith, we assume managers and participants will comply with these rules.
Jurisdiction: TouchRugby is a private organisation, one that works closely with schools, clubs and Regional and National Sports Organisations such as Touch NZ. That said, we have full jurisdiction and control of our competition and right of admission rests solely with us.

The Last Say: The longer we operate in the Red Light setting of the protection framework the more we realise the simplicity of what we are trying to achieve. Mitigate and slow the spread of Covid, yet somehow continue doing what we love. The irony of “not gathering” while doing the exact opposite is not lost on us. Do not in any way enjoy our services if you are not comfortable with the way we operate.