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COVID POLICY (dated 4th April at 10am) 

  1. We are legally allowed to, and will continue to PLAY TOUCH in the RED, ORANGE and GREEN LIGHT Covid Protection Framework settings.
  2. We acknowledge that it is likely that there might be a degree of transmission of Covid amongst teams and individuals participating at our competitions. If anyone is uncomfortable with that possibility, we would advise them NOT to participate. 

Cancellation / Default Procedure 

  1. It is polite for Captains to inform Organisers of their intention to default. It give us time to plan and arrange a meaningful game for your opposition. Simply NOT ARRIVING is rude and disrespectful to all parties, opposition and officials.
  2. The internal Email confirmation system used by teams and captains IS NOT an acceptable way to inform organisers of a default.
  3. Time and space permitting, we will do our best to catch up a defaulted game, although as the season nears its end, this will become harder to do this and most likely your team will be recorded a 5-0 loss.
  4. Short of Numbers: If your team is short of numbers, we strongly advise you to arrive with whoever can play. We will attempt to arrange “ringers” to fill in. At best the opposition will be delighted you have made the effort and at Worst the game can be officially defaulted yet still played.
  5. Before each game, if you are using ringers please have a chat to the opposing captain and clarify if the results will “stand” or if its just a muckaround game

Here is our evolving Vaccine / Covid Policy and Plan.  At any time, the latest update appearing live here, will be our official stance.

  1. We take guidance from the following resource SportNZ – Click Here
  2. We are legally permitted to, and plan to play in Red and Orange light phases of the Covid Protection Framework (CPF).
  3. Adults (and anyone older than 12 yrs) who haven’t been double vaccinated cannot participate in our competitions.
  4. All Adults (over 12 yrs) must be prepared to show a valid Vaccine Passport QR Code, either printed or on a charged and present mobile phone.
  5. Children under 12 – Are not required to show their vaccine pass, and it not mandatory for them to be vaccinated to participate.
  6. TouchRugby reserves the right to insist that this Pass be presented before playing. (Any leniency granted in NOT requesting a pass, does not become a right as in, “you never asked me last time”).
  7. Team Organisers: MUST check players vaccine Passes and should not knowingly allow unvaccinated adults to participate. We suggest they gather copies (printed or electronic) of their respective members passports for Presentation to referees and venue managers.
  8. Vaccinated Spectators are Encouraged to be at our games AND events: Mask Up, distance by 1 metre and use your common sense. DO NOT enter the field of play. For one-off games spectators may join their team in their gather. For Tournaments spectators may not join the Team bubble at any stage and may keep their own supporters bubble / gathering.
  9. Jurisdiction – TouchRugby is a private organization, whilst affiliated to TouchNZ and Regional Sport Organisations, the right to participate in our competitions is totally reserved.

REFUND POLICY: Specifically as it pertains to COVID

  1. If our competitions are unable to proceed owing to a newly instituted LOCKDOWN, teams will be refunded pro-rata the games they cannot play, less a 10% admin fee. These fees are calculated on a 14 game adult season and a 7 game Junior season.
  2. If we are NOT in lockdown, our competitions will be proceeding irrespective of the Colour status of the CPF (red / orange / green). This means our services will be proceeding with requisite manpower and expenses associated with presenting the competition. Teams that have signed up for the competitions will be liable for fees as agreed up on at registration.
  3. Regrettably teams that cannot play because certain members need to be isolated, will not be refunded. We will do genuine best to schedule double-headers, arrange fills ins and to play catch up games where possible.