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Not that our prizes aren’t awesome, for instance a substantial Bar Tab, or a full team kit or a barbeque for 15 people or discounts off future fees etc, but from our humble beginnings in 2011, we made it clear we won’t offer prize-money and that higher grades wouldn’t get more valuable prizes than social grades.


With over 100 grades, across 15 Modules, earning our valuable prize-vouchers, we do spend a small fortune on rewarding our Winners and Runner’s up. “Winning” and striving to achieve within your grade is important, which is why we gear the whole season towards the knockouts and finals evening.  What we do know is that winning the Open A grade or Super Social grade will mean exactly the same to those teams playing and doing their best.

Now that said; our organization is not all about “Winners” either. We are about getting as many people playing Touch, about marketing and growing our competitions, being affiliated to Touch NZ and provincial associations, supporting referees and providing a solid admin base and IT systems for managers and captains.

For this reason we actually cherish our Lovable Losers – the ones who pay their fees, who reliably turn up, respect our referees and who make our small business viable. Paying elite teams prize-money does not make our organization financially viable, nor does it encourage all those average joe teams to start playing.

So if its Prize-Money you are after, you are welcome to hunt down the few remaining modules that offer that incentive. You go with our blessing and you are certainly welcome back at any time.


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For now we are postponing Touch Rugby for the next 3 days. (Mon 15th, Tues 16th and Wed 17th).

As and when we receive MORE information from Gov we will make decisions and inform teams about when we can resume

Lets hope this passes quickly so we can resume playing.

Leagues affected are Coxes Bay Monday, Vic Park Monday, Vic Park Tuesday , Massey and Mt Roskill Seniors and Juniors, Auckland Grammar comp, Mangere com




Nov 10

Rain Policy


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Touch is always going ahead as per the fixtures online – Click Here

When there is rain in the air (especially during Spring) I am sure team members, parents and concerned parties will want to know – “ARE WE PLAYING?”

The answer will always remain YES, until we make a decision. There are no MAYBES. We don’t make a decision at a given time specifically and therefore the answer will continue to remain “YES” until we specifically inform your team that it is cancelled.

Then with regards to the actual decision to cancel, here is how we make the decision. We won’t CANCEL because its raining per say. We cancel if there is danger to life or limb, the chance of irreparable damage to the field and finally if we can afford to postpone fixtures, i.e. Weeks remaining in the season, daylight etc.

Here is how we cancel, if we do 1: We post and immediate update on our Facebook page – 2: We send an email from our IT SYSTEM like this 3: Your captain gets a text 4: As soon as possible we update the fixtures online (might take a day or 2).

We tend to leave the office after 3pm,so if ever you are mildly worried about rain you are welcome to TEXT to 021 249 3678 or the designated TOUCH line of 027 666 5668.

Thanks and see you pitch side – Graeme and the Team


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Referees 11th October: All aspiring TOUCH referees and those needing a refresher or players wanting to branch into refereeing we are staging our “On The Job” training on SUNDAY 11th October at Fearon Park in Mt Roskill.

We will run 2 sessions on the day: Session 1: 9am – 12:pm and Session 2: 12pm to 3pm. Bring a whistle and an open mind and you can learn how to be a great module referees under guidance of some of nZ’s best referees coaches!

Coaching: Wed 7th October: Take the next step to becoming an awesome in-schools coach. Learn how to deliver engaging touch and turbo touch sessions. Improve your rules knowledge and learn concepts about developing referees
Learn more about AWHI, TouchFit 360 and NCEA rubric support
Fine tune your delivery skills and have a whole heap of fun!
Touch New Zealand Head Office – THE TRUSTS ARENA, 65-67 CENTRAL PARK DRIVE, HENDERSON -9am-4pm

Register –



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If you are 40yrs plus (or an out of shape 35 year old) then pay attention.

This coming summer its time to get your dad bod greased, your tight hammy’s pinging and of course to give your better half a night off through the summer. (You could also consider financially supporting the local Rugby Club bar with your valuable patronage AFTER your weekly game).

This summer we have dedicated Masters grades at the following venues;

Coxes Bay – Monday *
Orakei (Grammar TEC) – Thurs
Massey – Wed
Cornwall Park – Thurs
Grey Lynn – Friday *
Sandringham (Thursday has been closed and team moved to Cornwall)

* If we don’t have sufficient teams we will play in Mens Social grade

No team: Why not sign up for the the Touch GURUS – This is the team/club if you are OLD, have NO MATES and are Out Of Touch (Touch trifecta). We will chuck you in a team of unfit, over 35’s and enter you at our CORNWALL, MASSEY and ORAKEI Grades


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Thanks Auckland Council / Parks for officially allowing us to play our beloved TOUCH on the City’s best bit of Green Grass, and not just in Summer either.

On Tuesday 28th July, we are set to play our FIRST Winter Lunch Time Competition. Click Here for more info Lunch-Time Touch

Yes, it will be greasy and slippery and that’s why we are making it compulsory to wear Moulded boots! We don’t want to send you back to the office with a bung knee!

We totally prefer TEAMS to enter, Team Entryhowever we will put together at least 1 team made of individuals. The cost for an individual entry will be $80, which includes a singlet. Ind Entry

We are also proud to announce that this Lunch Time competition will be run in collaboration with The Mass Sport Trust, a new not-for-profit charity who’s sole aim is to get the Masses Moving. Watch this space for more initiatives involving Touch and other mass participation sports.


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Comments Off on Another 2 week Delay before Touch can start Start Dates are as follows;

Monday 25th May – St Peters – TOUCH Newmarket
Thursday 28th May – North Shore Turbo Touch
Friday 29th May – Trusts Waitakere Turbo Touch
QUEENS B’day Weekend – No Sport
Sunday 7th June – Coxes Bay Sunday Winter Touch
Monday 8th June – St Peters Turbo Touch


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We have been pleasantly surprised by the slight tweak in the government guidelines for playing sport in Level 2. (Previously SOCIAL DISTANCING was an absolute at level 2 and therefore playing a contact sport such as Touch was out of the equation).

Today Government relaxed their guidelines to say that Contact sport was permissible, as long as a a host of other factors were taken care. CLICK HERE

Luckily TOUCHRUGBY boasts quite a comprehensive “player register system” that we will be strictly ENFORCED. Only registered players will be allowed to play in a team and Referees will be equipped with ALL players to be contact traced. We will also take strict measures to ensure that equipment and the venues we play at are heavily sterilized.

SUNDAY TOUCH at COXES BAY IS NOW LOOKING AT STARTING ON SUNDAY 24th May (Followed by a Queens B’day Weekend Break) and then resumption of competition proper from Sunday 8th June.
MONDAY NIGHT NEWMARKET TOUCH IS LOOKING AT A MONDAY 18th MAy start or failing this a 25th MAY Start


Level 2 Playing Criteria


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Technically speaking we are still allowed to start our Autumn Touch competition on Monday 6th April, however I am thinking we will be pushing this out to the 20th April (After Easter). We would still run the full 12 weeks before flicking directly into the WINTER season Early in August.

The Sunday Morning Coxes Bay Competition is set to start on May 3rd and we are hoping to stick to this date. (Cross Fingers).

Of course I am watching to see if our friend COVID19 starts spreading in the community and if things get worse, we might be forced to push out the start dates later in May, reduce the weeks and costs accordingly, and of course potentially consider a total cancellation!.

The Autumn competition is FULL at this stage  but I suggest before teams start withdrawing that we wait another week or 2 until we KNOW exactly wtf is going to happen! Rest assured you will NOT be forced to touch anyone infected with the virus!

That’s all for now – Graeme


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TouchRugby will be using its FACEBOOK page to communicate information on Cancellations and postponements around Corona Virus.

For the month of March TOUCHRUBY will be cancelling its Touch competitions as of Wednesday 18th March at 7pm AFTER the 6th and Final Round of its Junior Competitions.

We will review this policy during the remainder of March and will make an additional call on our AUTUMN competitions set to begin on the 6th APRIL.

At this stage, we are set to PLAY on the 6th April, however we do feel things are changing by the hour and of course if we are prohibited from doing so by government.

Thanks for your understanding – Graeme