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Monday 25th May – St Peters – TOUCH Newmarket
Thursday 28th May – North Shore Turbo Touch
Friday 29th May – Trusts Waitakere Turbo Touch
QUEENS B’day Weekend – No Sport
Sunday 7th June – Coxes Bay Sunday Winter Touch
Monday 8th June – St Peters Turbo Touch


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We have been pleasantly surprised by the slight tweak in the government guidelines for playing sport in Level 2. (Previously SOCIAL DISTANCING was an absolute at level 2 and therefore playing a contact sport such as Touch was out of the equation).

Today Government relaxed their guidelines to say that Contact sport was permissible, as long as a a host of other factors were taken care. CLICK HERE

Luckily TOUCHRUGBY boasts quite a comprehensive “player register system” that we will be strictly ENFORCED. Only registered players will be allowed to play in a team and Referees will be equipped with ALL players to be contact traced. We will also take strict measures to ensure that equipment and the venues we play at are heavily sterilized.

SUNDAY TOUCH at COXES BAY IS NOW LOOKING AT STARTING ON SUNDAY 24th May (Followed by a Queens B’day Weekend Break) and then resumption of competition proper from Sunday 8th June.
MONDAY NIGHT NEWMARKET TOUCH IS LOOKING AT A MONDAY 18th MAy start or failing this a 25th MAY Start


Level 2 Playing Criteria


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Technically speaking we are still allowed to start our Autumn Touch competition on Monday 6th April, however I am thinking we will be pushing this out to the 20th April (After Easter). We would still run the full 12 weeks before flicking directly into the WINTER season Early in August.

The Sunday Morning Coxes Bay Competition is set to start on May 3rd and we are hoping to stick to this date. (Cross Fingers).

Of course I am watching to see if our friend COVID19 starts spreading in the community and if things get worse, we might be forced to push out the start dates later in May, reduce the weeks and costs accordingly, and of course potentially consider a total cancellation!.

The Autumn competition is FULL at this stage  but I suggest before teams start withdrawing that we wait another week or 2 until we KNOW exactly wtf is going to happen! Rest assured you will NOT be forced to touch anyone infected with the virus!

That’s all for now – Graeme


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TouchRugby will be using its FACEBOOK page to communicate information on Cancellations and postponements around Corona Virus.

For the month of March TOUCHRUBY will be cancelling its Touch competitions as of Wednesday 18th March at 7pm AFTER the 6th and Final Round of its Junior Competitions.

We will review this policy during the remainder of March and will make an additional call on our AUTUMN competitions set to begin on the 6th APRIL.

At this stage, we are set to PLAY on the 6th April, however we do feel things are changing by the hour and of course if we are prohibited from doing so by government.

Thanks for your understanding – Graeme




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Here are the official playing ratios for Mixed Touch. We have also listed some background for those people who would like to understand the rationale behind our decision to allow variations.

These ratios are expressed as MALE (MAX on the field):FEMALE (MINIMUM on the Field).

VIC PARK – 4-2
COXES BAY – 3-3 (All Grades – except in the Social Mixed Grade where we allow 4-2)
MASSEY WED – 4-2 (Except in the OPEN A Grade where it is 3-3)
JUNIOR – from Year 1-4 (No Mixed Grades), Years 5-8 – 3-3


TOUCH NZ MIXED TOUCH RULES state the maximum number of males on the Field in MIXED game should be no more than 3. It implies therefore that MIXED Teams should field a minimum of 3 Females and even more. We believe there is GOOD reason for this too. Nothing beats a truly even and competitive MIXED game of TOUCH. It brings to bear more than just the fastest & strongest team wins. Mixed Touch truly involves strategy, team play, skill and tactics. More importantly Mixed Touch is really a unique feature about TOUCH. It enhances social interaction between sexes, gender equality and enhances family and team bonding.

Since our establishment in 2011, there has been significant growth in the number of MIXED teams entered in our competitions. Approximately 2/3rd (400) Mixed teams and 1/3rd (200) Male teams compete weekly through the summer. It is clear that Families and Work Colleagues wish to play in teams with each other and that Boys and Girls are happy to play in the same Junior teams.


For whatever reason, the reality is that it is often difficult for teams to field an even number of FEMALES and MALES in a Squad. Very simply, it is significantly easier to recruit the requisite 4-7 Male players that are required to field a regular and reliable MIXED TOUCH team each week than 4-7 Female players.

In the last 4 years in almost ALL of our competition we have therefore changed the RATIO from 3:3 to 4:2 and the subsequent growth in the Mixed Version has been immense.

Still, the sheer number of defaults we receive because teams have insufficient Females , or requests to find additional female players means that we are unlikely to be able to consider reversing the trend.

At our very COMPETITIVE COXES Bay and MASSEY Wednesday Night Competitions we keep certain grades at 3:3. This does create conflict and uncertainty especially during grading and when teams move between grades.  Not all referees are aware of the ratios and we plan to improve our Communication in this regard.

A very positive trend that we have seen as a result of the increase number of MIXED teams (albeit at a lower MALE : FEMALE ration) is the keenness of the FEMALES to play an additional FEMALE ONLY Grades.  In the past 3 years we have seen a significant growth in ALL FEMALE TEAMS.

* One downfall of the 4:2 Male Female ratio is the tendency for MALE players to HOG the 4 middle positions, leaving the 2 females in the WINGS. We have work to do here!

BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY aims to achieve the maximum number of people playing TOUCHRUGBY at our key locations around AUCKLAND.
Whilst we are TOUCHIES at heart, we also acknowledge the need (and right) to modify the traditional rules of the game as we know it to enhance enjoyment and to allow meaningful competition. At all times entry into our competitions is strictly reserved.


Here are ways we might modify the game to encourage participation.

  • Variation of MALE / FEMALE playing ratios in Mixed Grades.
  • FAMILIES – We allow competent JUNIORS to play in Adult Grades.
  • WOMEN – We allow women to compete in Men’s Grades and ALL WOMENS teams to compete in Mixed Grades
  • Leniency towards allowing Younger AGED players in a Masters Grade
  • Reduction of GAME TIMES to 35 minutes at key venues where demand is high.
  • Variation of FIELD SIZES between 55m and 40m width, and in some cases playing numbers i.e. 5-aside
  • TEAM-KIT – It is not a condition that PLAYING numbers be on the back of shirts, however team kit must be UNIFORM (i.e. the same style and colour).
  • TURBO TOUCH – We grow and promote the sport of TURBO TOUCH, albeit a significant derivation from touch
  • JUNIORS – significant variations in playing numbers, field sizes and dispensations for out of grade teams
  • Referees are ENCOURAGED and EXPECTED to use their discretion when applying Touch Rules.


  • is a private organisation who’s aim is to get as many people playing TOUCH at the best possible venues! We are solely reliant on Revenues from paying teams and individuals to fund our activities.
  • We employ many people in a part time and full-time capacity and are in good standing with our National and Regional governing bodies, contributing significantly to them financially and in other resources.
  • We are set up as a Limited Liability company, we are GST registered, pay income tax and receive NO funding from any charities or RSO’s.
  • At the peak of summer we administrate close to 600 teams per week, more than most Sports organisation and we do it at a cost to each player of about $5-6 per weekly game.


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If you are looking to get up to date on all the Summer Touch competitions, venues and prices – just browse to our updated Information, Terms and Conditions Page – Click Here

There is really no excuses for not playing Touch 5 nights a week and even the odd weekend.


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TOUCHRUGBY is once again pushing hard to grow and promote the beloved game to the Juniors of Auckland. Its about kids “running with the ball in hand” and off course keeping off their devices!

We have a special, low cost, school-based Junior Touch competition model that works well for kids and their busy parents. Our competitions are played in TERM 4 and TERM 1 of the regular school year. They are run in 2 7-week seasons. Kids, through motivated parents, coaches and teachers are grouped into their school years (and not age or weight). TouchRugby does all the admin of each competition but likes to partner with the LOCAL rugby clubs who are only too happy to allow use of their club rooms and facilities. Of course Auckland council, certainly comes to the party by providing well-marked, safe and sports grounds free of charge.

Depending on the location, Touch Rugby can charge between $30 to 40 per child per 7 week season, which as far as kids sports goes is very reasonable. We provide referees and a comprehensive draws and results package, trophies and of course official pathways for the talented and ambitious players to represent their Province!

Kids are encouraged to get together with school mates to enter. If their school does not play TOUCH or don’t promote the sport, Kids can ask their Winter sports mates (Rugby, Soccer, Netball etc) to group together and enter. Finally, and not without a lot of extra hours spent, individuals can be teamed up with other to form composite teams.

Once a team is formed, kids simply arrive and play their weekly fixture. Kids in school years 1-4, play 5-aside and are allowed a coach on the field at any time. A dropped ball or forward pass only counts as a TOUCH and not a turnover. Kids from year 5-8 will play proper FIT touch rules. The really talented children are also welcome to attend trials for one of the 3 Super City – Auckland, North Harbour or Counties Touch Associations.

Our 4 competitions are as follows

North West – Massey RFC – Wednesday Afternoons – Moire Park – $250 per team – Click Here

Mt Roskill / Sandringham – EDEN RUGBY CLUB – Wednesday Afternoons – Fearon Park – $260 per team – Click Here

Orakei Domain – Eastern Bays – GRAMMAR-TEC – Thursday Afternoon – Orakei Domain – $250 per team – Click Here

Onehunga – TEPAPAPA – TePapapa Tigers Rugby – Friday Afternoon – Fergusson Park – $200 per team – Click Here

Now you can play Touch Footy all year round in Auckland and in pretty much every corner of the Little Big City. Our Calendar for the next 12 months has been updated.

Starting from the Current Winter Turbo Touch and conventional Winter Touch competitions, through to the huge number of Summer Touch competitions and the quirky one-off tournaments such as Waiheke in Feb, and even Lunch Time touch, there is something for everyone.

You can sign up as an individual, or better still as a team.

There are junior competitions in the North West and Central parts of Auckland

Plan your TOUCH year

With our growing popularity we had started to use the SOCCER fields at Coxes Bay (Touch Fields 1&2). We have been officially reprimanded and may no longer use The Soccer Fields as Auckland Football struggles with playing space of their own.

What this means is that we have to squeeze our FULL COMPETITION into 2 less fields and it means we have a complete NEW Round. We have thus had to introduce a 9:30am round AND push other games 10 minutes later. There are now 5 rounds so please check your Team Draws for this week here: Click Here

Further to this Important Notice here are a few more that ORGANISERS and players need to adhere to…

Team Kit: It is compulsory to wear a set of team kit. “Out of uniform” teams may have points deducted. The Kit must be the same colour and style, but does not have to have a number (although that is preferable). See our list of Kit Suppliers if you need some.

Registration of Team Players: All teams need to register their players. There appears to be too many players jumping on to assist and this skews the results. The registration process can be done by Organisers very easily using our online control panel. Browse to our CONTROL PANEL, Log In on the email address you have received this notification, Click My Teams, Click Add players.

To contest any knockout games, all players must be registered AND must have played 4 regular season games.

Rep Players
We do not allow more than 5 open rep players in a team per game. See any other terms and conditions here

Leniency: For the sake of development of touch, affording the opposition a good game and/or for genuine reasons, the organiser, the referee and opposition captain may offer Leniency on the above mentioned conditions. Objections and Leniency issues must be clarified at the earliest convenience and preferably before the game commences, so we are not faced with uncomfortable issues afterwards.


Indoor Turbo Touch: We now administer the Turbo Touch in the WEST (Trusts Arena), the North Shore (NS Events Centre) and in Newmarket (ST Peters). Entries are open for the WINTER comps stating in late July. Click Here for details

Winter Social Touch on 23 July – Monday: We have a 30-team SOCIAL Mens and Mixed Touch Comp on the artificial pitches at St Peters College. Entries for the July-October 12 week Winter competition are open: Click Here

That’s All for now – See you on SUNDAY if this Weather ever breaks!

Graeme and the Team

The WINTER Touch season is now open for entry.

Monday Night

Newmarket – 5 aside Touch on Artificial Turf (Click Here) and Indoor Turbo Touch at the St Peters College Gymnasium – Click Here

Thursday Night

Turbo Touch at the North Shore Events Centre – Click Here

Friday Night

Turbo Touch at the Trusts Stadium in Waitakere – Click Here

Sunday Morning Touch

Most of the 2018 Sunday Winter Touch spots have been filled, however from Time to Time we need teams, so feel free to check in and inquire if a team has dropped out. This is the undisputed Winter Touch comp and if push comes to shove – we will find a place for your team! Click here