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April is upon us and Summer Touch is a thing of the past as we all switch to Winter Codes, the couch, more sugary coffee and meat pies… 
…. Don’t go to the dark side… stay active, keep fit and “STAY IN TOUCH” 

Here is how to stay connected with the OVAL ball through the next 6 months

#1: Coxes Bay Winter Touch. Starts Sunday 7th May – Space limited to 48 teams so Hurry Hurry to be part of Auckland Best 16 week competition. Click Here
There is a grade for all teams – Mens, Mixed, Womens and Social. Weather is very settled earlier in the morning. We have cancelled just once in 2 years.

#2: Monday Newmarket Touch – **** Full – Too Late *** – You can play TURBO TOUCH at St Peters (Newmarket) if you get in today – Click Here

#3: CORPORATE LUNCH TIME TOUCH (8 weeks) – VIC PARK: Starts Thursday 4th May – Who can’t find 35 minutes during lunch on Thursday. Click Here

#4: Turbo Touch
Monday Newmarket: 3rd April (12 weeks) 3 spots Left Hurry Hurry– Click here
Tuesday North Shore: 2nd May (11 weeks) 7 Spots left Hurry Hurry – Click Here
Friday Waitakere Trusts: 28th April (10 Weeks) – Still Space – Click Here

#5: Women: We have a Women’s only grade at Coxes Bay at 10am each Sunday – Click here if you are an individual female looking to play.

#6: Individuals: We take individual payments and entries for Vic Park Lunch Touch (Click here), as well as Turbo Touch on the Shore (click here)

#7: Over 35’s: Too Old to play league or Rugby, jump in with the OLD Boys Sunday Coxes Bay . Enter as an individual or better still your whole team – click here

#8: Kids and Whanau: We certainly allow children and families to play in our Mixed Social Grade at Coxes Bay. Games take place around 12:15pm each Sunday. Team entries only – Bring your mom , Dad, Aunty and Uncle for a game of social touch. Boys u12 count as females in the mixed category.

Thats all for now – Emaill, Txt  or call if you need any information or would like to give feedback.

Graeme and the Team

At  we love the sport of TOUCH and spent countless hours developing and promoting it.  We believe TOUCH is a mass participation sport and that promoting bigger and better competitions is the best way forward.

We are structured as a commercial business and cant hide from that fact, however our outcomes are the most noble of any sports administration body. At the height of summer we provide weekly games of touch for close to 450 teams, more than most well-funded sports federations and all done without a single cent contribution from any agency or funder. As an organisation we are proudly affiliated to our National and Regional Sports organisation and pay sizable affiliation fees to 3 Touch provinces and the National Body. We pay hefty PAYE, Income Tax and GST bills and we pay all this happily because we know what wonderful facilities we play on and importantly the pathways that belonging to legitimate sports codes brings.

As an organisation we strive to be innovative, provide friendly referees at well managed and located venues around Auckland. In addition to the weekly touch competitions we promote fun, one-off Tournaments such as the “proud to play” and Waiheke Social Touch competition. We dabble in modified versions of the sport such as Turbo Touch and Tag, only as far as it give our teams something NEW in a competitive social sports market. We are owner-managed, with a great IT backbone to support team captains, who are the cornerstone of our business.  We are not scared to try new playing surfaces, new formats of the game and rule variations, draw formats that encourage like vs like participation. We are constantly trying to give more accessibility to women, children, over 35’s, corporates and even the elite Teams!

We make mistakes all the time, but own up to them and try to improve when we can!

As we come to the end of Summer, when the focus tends to shift from participation to winning we get asked by a few teams about the way we do things!

  • Why is Touch so expensive?
  • We want prize-money?
  • Better teams should get better prizes!
  • Surely A grade teams are more important!

Here are some of our perspectives and practices in this regard.

  • TOUCH is cheap. Per game played, per minute of organised exercise or recreation I challenge anyone to find a cheaper alternative. I am referring to “organised” sport and not volunteer, charity or sponsor driven recreation.
  • has competitions across Auckland that vary between $2-$5 per person per game. Our Central venues are more expensive, but a little further out, touch can be played significantly less money.
  • TOUCHRUGBY has NOT INCREASED FEES at major competitions for 3-4 years. Winter, Coxes Bay, Massey, Juniors.
  • We PAY referees and would happily train and PAY any players who could not afford their fees.
  • We do “SPEND” significant money on Prizes. We budget 7% of our turnover for Prizes. We work harder to increase that value of those prizes to 10-14% of our Turnover. We do this through barter deals and discounts with our sponsors.
  • We do value our Elite teams. We acknowledge that they do set the tone of the competition as they provide examples of the beauty of the game of Touch, that training and hard work delivers results. Without watching these teams, social teams could never understand the value of patterns, settles and set moves.
  • Their passion for the sport and countless hours away from our competition IS possibly the most valuable to us. That is where the deliver their true value, however it is a little known fact that elite teams  on a competition / module level Elite teams cost us a lot more than our lovable loser teams!
  • Elite teams are demanding and rightly so. They get the fastest and most reliable referees, very often 2 of them.
  • They tend to get the preferential fields because elite touch requires full width and length.
  • We discount their multiple team entry as a way of saying thank-you, but in terms of business outgoings they are paying less per game.
  • ELITE teams invariably WIN, receiving prizes and sizable discounts off future participation.
  • Unfortunately, and it is a consequence we accept, they cause many of our lovable loser teams to drop out. It is merely a fact that, on the whole teams losing more games than they win over the season are likely to not ENJOY themselves as much and might chose a different recreation alternative.

So the long and short of it is… We Love our Lovable Loser teams as much as our Elite teams and will continue to award equal prizes!



SATURDAY  11th FEB 2017

Times: 9:00am-5pm
Location is the ONETANGI SPORTS PARK – some 15 minutes by car from the Mataitia Ferry Stop (Fullers) and 5 minutes from the Half Moon Bay (Sea Link Ferry).
Cost is $200 per team. Minimum of 4 games per team. Strictly Social with no more than 3 reps per team

Enter online – Click Here
Fixtures – when they are live will be here – Click Herefb_post-20161204_waiheke-full-info

Book your Ferry through SEALINK. Adult return fare $25 per person and Child return fare $16 per person.

This is approximately 30% off your ticket. Sealink does not have an online enabled booking system. You need to call their SALES centre (above) and tell them you want the “Sports Team” deal for the TOUCH event on the 11th. 0800 SEALINK or (09) 300 5900 or via email to Have your payment particulars details on the ready. (If the person is confused ask to speak to a manager and failing this send me a rude email and I will kick butt…)

Transfers: The Sealink Ferry uses the Kennedy Point terminus, which is different to the Fullers Ferry that uses the Matiatia Terminus. Kennedy Point is actually closer to ONETANGI park (5 mins by car). What is quite a good idea is for one member of your team to take a vehicle on the 6am Early Ferry. 2 tickets are included in that Fee and best of all, your team will have Wheels on the other side.

Cash Transfer: will have a bus available at $5 (Cash) per one way trip to and from the Ferry to the park.

Departure Points: Sealink Ferrys depart from Wynyard Quarter (City) and Half Moon Bay – Pakuranga (Car Ferry). They arrive at Kennedy’s Point


With immediate effect Victoria Park has been officially closed for the installation of an irrigation system. The fact that Vic Park desperately needs a better irrigation system and will become a far better playing surface as a result thereof, does not help over 100 Touch teams and the organisers of NEW ZEALANDS largest touch footy competition, as well as Grafton Cricket also one of the countries largest cricket clubs, who now have no place to play.

When informed of the possible installation, field users were told that pipes would be thrust under the surface and that there would be work done on the periphery of the park.  Plans were made for extra touch fields and an early summer start to acccomodate the upheaval. Regrettably, that has changed and trenches are now being dug in a matrix across the surface. This work will be completed in December with time being set aside in January to allow the replaced grass to “take”.

So here is what we plan to do….

CORPORATE MIXED – It is possible that certain parts of VIC PARK will STILL BE PLAYABLE have been cut away and this we plan to still play on the 5th & 12th December – Bring your KIT ready to play at VIC PARK.

The 5pm Mixed CompetitionFor the next 3 weeks games will be moved to COXES bay for a 5:30pm start. Those players used to walking across to the park will need to make a 5-minute car trip up along College Hill Road to WEST END ROAD in Westmere to the Awesom Coxes Bay reserve…

Mens Corporate GamesMost of the Men’s games will be moved to 7:55pm at Coxes Bay reserve


  • 5th December – 5pm and Mens to COXES BAY. Corporate Mixed on Standby (Games still scheduled at VIC PARK spare fields)
  • 12th December – 5pm and Mens to COXES BAY. Corporate Mixed on Standby (Games still scheduled at VIC PARK spare fields)
  • 9th January – POSSIBLE MOVE OF ALL FIXTURES TO AUCKLAND DOMAIN is pleased to be playing a central role in making Moire Park (Home of Massey RFC) a hotbed of Junior and Adult Touch.

Moire Park is centrally located in the whole NORWEST REGION and is an ideal venue for Summer Touch, with 8 beautiful full-sized pitches and the refurbished Massey Rugby Clubhouse for refreshments.

There is a new impetus to combine the JUNIOR and ADULT competitions under one banner and the vision of Touch Rugby promoter Graeme Wallace is to have a one-stop Community Touch competition. “Imagine moms and dads training and supporting their kids in the Wednesday afternoon schools comp, while staying behind to play their own game of TOUCH with Friends, work associates and Whanau. Kids play touch, then stay behind at the playground or on the numerous playing fields kicking and passing balls, while Mom and dad play their adult games. There really is a grade/level for all ages, shapes and sizes. In terms of competitions to enter there is the popular Wednesday afternoon Junior competition involving local schools, as well as an adult mens, mixed and over 35’s competition on a Wednesday and Thursday evening”.

The competition is administered through the portal and boasts some of Auckland and North Harbour’s most experienced referees, electronic timing and an impressive Draws and Results platform to keep the Captains and Players up to date.

“The community’s support would be really appreciated this summer, not only to reinforce MASSEY RFC as an ideal home for teams, families and individuals throughout the Waitakere, Massey and Hobsonville region, but also for those participants to keep fit, stay healthy and to enjoy NZ’s awesome summer”

Specific Details:

JUNIORS:Junior Touch

The Junior Comps run for School’s in the area and there are grades for Years 1&2, Years 3&4, and Years 5-8.

Days & Times: Wednesday: from 4pm – 6pm
Dates: Term 4 & Term 1 (2nd Wednesday of Term 4 and Term 1 respectively)
Costs: $220 per school team
* This is a school competition, however we do allow Club-based teams to enter when their particular school is not involved

Link for More Information on Juniors: Click Here
Fixtures and Results: Click Here
Link to enter a team Online: Click Here


Days and Time: Wednesday from 6:20-8:20pm Mens, Over 35’s and Mixed

Good Old Adult Touch Fun

Good Old Adult Touch Fun

Thursday: Mixed Social
Dates: Starts Wednesday and Thursday 26th & 27th October
Costs: $450 per team, plus a weekly Referee’s fee of $10 per game

Link for More Information on Adults: Click Here
Fixtures and Results: Click Here
Link to enter a team Online: Click Here


Contact: Graeme Wallace
Mobile: 021 249 3678

FANPASS is backing TOUCHRUGBY this spring. Enter your team into any one of our Summer Competitions and you get a complimentary Week of Sky Sports.

Could be the perfect time to watch a week of the OLYMPICS, Super Rugby, 4-nations golf etc.

Once you have entered – Pop us an email to and we will send you a pass to try it out



Its been raining quite heavily over the last few days, the fields are boggy so we are Cancelling today’s TOUCH at Coxes Bay. Please text and share the message so our peeps from throughout Auckland don’t make the trip!

Will update the draw accordingly- Thanks GraemeShawshankRainWide-1



Yes – its Winter 2016 and we have well over 44 teams signed up for WINTER Touch down at Coxes Bay. Importantly we are proud to launch a new WOMEN’s grade.

There is still space across the board for WOMEN’s Teams, Men’s teams and even MIXED teams!

Terms and Conditions: Click Here

Online Entry: Click Here

Fixtures and Results: Click Here

Womens Touch

Hi Guys – Just to let you know that I am out of the country for the month of April.
Don’t worry I am still checking emails and you can enter our Sunday Winter Touch Competition starting on the 8 May.SA Flag

It is with regret that I inform you that the Inaugural Eden Park Touch Challenge has been cancelled. I personally wish to apologize to those managers and players who wont be getting the chance to set foot on the hallowed turf as was advertised and promoted.

Despite an enormous amount of my personal resource and energy invested in the project, as well as 45 confirmed teams entered as of this morning the decision was made by the event’s custodians NZ Rugby, Auckland Rugby, Auckland Touch and Eden Park.

Its fair to say all parties expected a better and quicker uptake and its such a great shame the event was unable to sell out.

Most importantly organizers, that have paid by direct credit or online please can you send me your bank details and I will arrange a refund immediately.

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Graeme Wallace
021 249 3678
EdenPark_FlyerBanner_26Jan_amends 2