Coxs Bay Touch – Winter

SUNDAY MORNINGS from the 7th May 2022 until the 2th August 2023.

Game times: 10:00am | 10:45am | 11:30am | 12:15pm


Men’s Open, Men’s Social, Women’s, Mixed Open, Mixed Social and Men’s Masters (35+)

  • Two players under 35 are allowed on the pitch (per team) in Masters (35+) games
  • Children under 12 count as a female in Mixed (35+) games
  • Male:Female Ratios — Mixed Open 3:3 / Mixed Social 4:2
  • Whanau Grade – No More than 2 (two) U12s (Kids / Tamariki) on the field at any one time

Team – $750 / Individuals – $85

  • Prices inclusive of all weekly referee fees
  • 14 weeks of games with a break for King’s Birthday Weekend
Competition Schedule

Grading rounds can range from as many as 1-5 weeks. Initially, during this period you may experience some "uneven" matches. Please respect your opposition at all times while we organise even and competitive competitions based on these games' results.

Depending on the format of the grade, we tend to have, Quarters semis and finals spread over 3 weeks. Sometimes, where grades are smaller there are only semis and finals and on occasion, where teams have met eachother more than twice in pool plat a straight final.

Venue – Cox's Bay Reserve, Westmere
Event Details