Coxs Bay Touch – Winter

SUNDAY MORNINGS from the 8th May 2022 until the 21st August 2022.

Game times: 10:00am | 10:45am | 11:30am | 12:15pm


Men’s Open, Men’s Social, Women’s, Mixed Open, Mixed Social and Men’s Masters (35+)

  • Two players under 35 are allowed on the pitch (per team) in Masters (35+) games
  • Children under 12 count as a female in Mixed (35+) games
  • Male:Female Ratios — Mixed Open 3:3 / Mixed Social 4:2

Team – $750 / Individuals – $85

  • Prices inclusive of all weekly referee fees
  • 14 weeks of games with a break for Queen’s Birthday Weekend
Competition Schedule

Grading rounds can range from as many as 1-5 weeks. Initially, during this period you may experience some "uneven" matches. Please respect your opposition at all times while we organise even and competitive competitions based on these games' results.

Venue – Cox's Bay Reserve, Westmere
Event Details