Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Asked Question

How do I pay my teams registration fees?

Team Details

How many players can be used in one game?

Can I play unregistered players / Ringins / Fill ins?

Equipment Details

Does my Team need a Kit / Uniform?

What Shoes must I wear?

Can I wear Jewellery?

Who Supplies the Match Ball?

Competition Details

What rules do we play?

How long does each season last?

When does the next season start?

How many teams are there in a Grade?

Are there “promotion and relegation games”?

I’m not sure how the standard of my team will compare with other teams in the league, how do I know that we’re not going to end up getting thrashed every week or playing games that are too easy?

How long are games?

What Time will my Matches start?

How can I find out when my matches are scheduled for?

Will our game be cancelled if it rains?

What happens if the opposition does not turn up?

Will there be official referees?

Will the referee be any good?


What do the winners of each division receive?

General Registration Information

How do I go about joining one of the Touch Rugby leagues?

Can my team join a league mid-season?

Do I register individually or do we need to register as a team?

What Grades are available for my team to register?

What is the Team Organiser/Captain?

Team Organiser Registration Information

What information will the Team Organiser need to register a team?

What is the deadline for registering a team?

How does the team Management System / Registration System Work?

Where does the Team Organiser go to register?

Do I need to pay when I register a team?

How do we pay fees?

How long has the Team Organiser got to enter all his players into the database?

Can we change the Name of a team?

How can I check if I have correctly registered my team?