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“Kia Ora Graeme and team,

Hi Graeme and the Team,
I just wanted to write and say, well done! You guys do an amazing job and it makes it all the better for us to enjoy. I mean, I love touch anyway regardless of where I’m playing…..but, knowing/assuming the effort you guys must put in behind the scenes and still be so chipper makes me love it even more. There is no doubt that you care about us. So, thank you.
“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Said by some handsome and ancient philosopher named Reece Glozier. !!

24 March – 2018
I was a participant in today’s tournament and to echo what my team has said today, we would like to thank you for a well-run, smooth, and clear planning/communication about the tournament. It’s been so long since we all had a good hit out and your effort and mahi around producing such a quality tournament out of lockdown was appreciated. The referees were friendly and fair. We had zero problems or qualms around the refereeing. Primo! Looking forward to participating in more tournaments in the near future!”

Hi Graeme

Thanks again to you and Lynnette for another awesome season… I know how hard it is to organise things and things generally ran smoothly! Thanks also to the refs who are always friendly and fair. We were pretty stoked to receive the Sportmanship team award!

Ed – 5 March 2020

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much we’ve loved playing at Fearon Park!!

We reckon this is the best location for so many reasons:
– parking is awesome
– it’s so much easier to drive to, so central
– lovely field, not too big, really cool atmosphere
Liz Barry – 7 December
1 November 2018
to admin

Your emails are the height of my entertainment everyday !!

Keep em’ coming !
Bronwyn Verlinden

24 March – 2018

to Graeme
Just a quick note to say thank you for a really brilliant season of touch. My kids and my teams all really enjoyed the friendly and supportive atmosphere.
You do a BRILLIANT job Graeme.

Many Thanks
Louise Garbett

12 Feb 2018 – Hi Graeme

Just wanted to extend a huge thank you to you and all your team for a great day on waiheke. Our team had not seen or played together in many years (we used to play in London from 2005-2014) and it was a great occasion to come together again and meet up, play, have a few drinks and remember the good times. Everyone had a great day despite the weather and we have all committed to returning again next year.

Thank you once again for a well organised event and see you again next year. Do you have a date locked in?


Karoline and the Evo Comeback Tour team.

Just a quick email; played our third game today – our team are loving it! All three teams we have played have been awesome and encouraging. I’m hoping we have made them work hard for their wins! We are lucky to have caring opposition in regards to the support they give our young girls.

The referees have been outstanding. We had a guy that mentioned he had moved up from Waikato; he gave us valuable feedback at the end of our game. Second game two young refs. One ref was coaching and helping the ref he had with him, I was impressed with the both of them. And today; we had a guy that was too awesome!! He learnt all the young girls name and guided them all thru the game. Encouraging and bought the girls confidence to have a go.

Thanks for having us. Cox’s Bay Winter Touch rocks! No rain this morning was a bonus.

Kiminaka Bailie
25th June 2017

I just wanted to send an email to say as a new parent to the Touch Rugby game and organisation at May Road that I am really impressed! Everything runs so incredibly well, the portal is great, love how easy it is to get info and find out what I need to know. I have been really impressed with the refs each game – how kind, fair and encouraging they are to all of the kids and teams, no matter their level. My kids have been involved in lots of sports over the years and it is such an important part of growing up for them. Well done for making this such a successful club and for making Wednesday afternoons such a fun, supportive and active environment for our kids. I have spoken to a number of other parents over the last few days who all feel the same way. Thanks for all the good things you do!

Kristen de Monchy

12th November 2016

I just want to say a huge thank you for the combined effort and organisation that mean we could film at UNITEC Rugby Fields with Touch Rugby Auckland. As Naomi probably could tell, Didi our host absolutely loved it and had a lot of fun. It looked great on camera and was a perfect wrap to our shoot in New Zealand.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen! It is hugely appreciated.

Mark Burt
PR Advisor | The Americas – Tourism New Zealand | Manaakitanga Aotearoa
11th November 2016