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Turbo Touch


TURBO TOUCH is a hybrid game, invented by Touch New Zealand, played mostly indoors and contains fundamental elements of at least 5 different sports – Touch, Netball, Ultimate, Gridiron and Basketball.

It is the ultimate social sport because not only is it easy to learn but incredibly valuable as a training tool across many disciplines. It enhances ball handing, spatial awareness, cardio capacity and most importantly FUN with mates! operates four of Auckland’s largest and most fun TURBO TOUCH competitions, under license from Touch New Zealand. With indoor winter and outdoor summer competitions to choose from, with TURBO TOUCH now there is no excuse not to be playing TOUCH at any part of the year – rain or shine!

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Competitions & Venues

Auckland CBD

Monday Nights at Victoria Park, Auckland CBD

Summer season commences: October 29th 2018 (14 weeks)
break over Christmas period resuming 14th January, completing 12th March, including breaks for Auckland Anniversary and Waitangi Holidays


Thursday Nights at Westlake Girls & North Shore Events Centre

Autumn season commences 9th May 2019 (11 weeks)
Winter season commences 1st August 2019 (11 weeks)
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Friday Nights at Trust Stadium, Henderson

Autumn season commences 9th May 2019 (10 weeks)
Winter season commences 26th July 2019 (10 weeks)
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AUCKLAND – Newmarket

Monday Nights at St Peter’s College, Newmarket

Autumn season commences 8th April 2019 (12 weeks)
Winter season commences 29th July 2018 (12 weeks)
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Enter Online Fixtures and Results Turbo Touch Website Turbo Touch Rules

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