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Masters Touch offers a great way to get back into Touch if you are 40 or older. We run a number of Masters competitions across Auckland throughout the whole year plus a number of one-day tournaments with Masters grades.

Enough of watching the kids play sport, working yourself to the bone, or attending monotonous gym sessions. It’s time to look after your own health and play against people of the same age. We also understand that finding 10 fit and available over 40’s can sometimes be hard, so we have certain rule conditions that two people under the age of 35 to play in the respective game.

Mainly our teams originate from rugby clubs, with groups made up of former rugby teams. Masters Touch is about extending your rugby career without heavy contact. The respective club rooms also enjoy their busiest night of the week when the Masters teams play, with the players having earned the right to enjoy a cold beverage after burning off a few calories on the field.

If you are new to Auckland, aren’t part of an existing rugby club or just want to get back into some form of fitness, we can do our best to put you together with a few other individuals in the same boat. We form teams of individuals or we point you in the direction of other Masters teams that need players.

It’s a one-grade-fits-all for Masters. Sometimes we are able to have an ELITE Masters grade and a separate SOCIAL Masters in the other grades. Women and children are also allowed to participate in these social grades.

Roughly speaking and dependent on the number of teams entered we keep to the following competition format:

  • Week 1-2/3 – Grading (where we assess the playing level of your team)
  • Weeks 2/3-12 – Competition rounds
  • Week 13-14 – Knock-out/Finals (where all teams play)

Please refer to individual competition pages for up to date pricing.

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