How to get back into Touch if you are 40 and older!

Age before Beauty

Masters Touch

Currently TOUCHRUGBY runs 4 Masters Competitions in Auckland – Norwest (Massey – Wed), East Coast Bays (Windsor Park – Wed),  Central (Cornwall Park – Thurs) and Eastern Suburbs (Orakei – Thurs). These competition are run over spring and summer for around 14-15 weeks. We also run WINTER and Indoor Touch Competitions where masters teams can participate, as well as the one-off  event, such as Waiheke with its Masters Grade. We also Welcome MASTERS teams into our social grade at Cox’s Bay on Monday and Grey Lynn on Friday.


Enough of watching the Kids play Sport or working yourself to the bone, or attending boring Gym. Its time to look after your own health, time to get a life and time to play against people of the same ages. We know that finding 10 FIT old people can sometimes be quite hard, so we have certain rule conditions that 2 people under the age of 35 to play in the respective game.


Mostly our teams originate from Rugby clubs, where teams come from past Rugby teams. Masters Touch is about extending your Rugby career without heavy contact. We make no bones about it either, but the respective club-rooms also enjoy their busiest night of the week when the Masters teams play. It means that the players have earned the right to enjoy a cold beverage after burning off a few calories on the field.


If you are new to Auckland, aren’t part of an existing Rugby Club or just want to get back into some form of fitness, we can do our best to put you together with a few other individuals in the same boat. We form teams of individuals or we point you in the direction of other Master’s teams that need players. Click Here to see about registering as an individual.


Our 14 week Summer competitions range between $600 to $800 per team or approximately $85 if you are paying as individual.


Its 1 grade fits all for masters. Sometimes we are able to have a YOUNGER FASTER Masters grade and a separate OLDER MASTERS in the Slower grades. Women and Children are allowed to participate in these grades too.


Roughly speaking and dependent on the number of teams entered we keep to the following competition format;  2-3 * Grading rounds (where we assess the playing level of your team), 10 * Competition rounds and 1-2 * Knockout style Weeks (where all teams play).

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