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Autumn Touch Start Date Pushed out to Monday 20th April - 2 weeks later. (Well, that's what we are saying today)

Coxes Winter Touch is still scheduled to start on Sunday 3rd May (but of course this might change too).

Damn I hope we can knock this bastard off!
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Junior Touch WILL play Today and complete the season Today. (Thereafter all touch comps will be postponed until we can get a grip on this madness). ... See MoreSee Less

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Schools Touch Tomorrow is still on!

Whilst the situation with Corona Virus is changing by the hour, it is our intention to play tomorrow's rounds of Touch games and then to take stock in the coming week as to whether we can finish our Term 1 season on the 25th March.

There has been no clear directives from Government, Sport NZ or Touch NZ that these games should be banned at this stage and since we are not more than 500 people I would like to assume that Kids want to play, are healthy to play and therefore we should do our best to make this happen.

I totally understand if teams and individuals choose not to play, however I would only request that you give me as much notice as possible.

Feel free to Txt or email me if you have any concerns
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2 weeks ago

Chilayne Barratt

Hey everyone, any girls available to play at Vic Park 12:45pm today for DXC? Look out for Mike Nouta. Please please 🙏 ... See MoreSee Less

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Heaps of defaults tonight. Government has banned sports or gatherings of over 500 people so I think we will be OK to see out the season. Watch this space ... See MoreSee Less

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TOUCH IS GOING AHEAD TONIGHT at VIC PARK for those that wish to play.

We 100% respect and totally understand the decisions of teams and companies who have chosen to default their games.

We don't take this decision to proceed lightly, despite some aggressive criticism and insinuations leveled at our organisation.

It costs significant money and resources to stage a night of Touch at Vic Park, so we stand no financial gain in deciding to play the fixtures.

We know the situation has escalated significantly in the last 48 hours and that even by tomorrow morning our outlook could potentially change again.

The Ministry of Health website (as of 3pm today) says it "does not propose altering arrangements for public events".

We have checked SOCIAL SPORTS practices in United Kingdom and Australia, and they all acknowledge that it is an ongoing evolving situation, but that social sports are not banned.
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