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You can pay your team’s registration fees by the following methods:

Payments can be made by Direct Credit into the following Account:
ASB – 12-30530608734-00
(Please make sure you include your team name and venue as a reference, so I will be able to match the payment up to your team).

You can also pay online via PayPal using your Credit Card.
Login to our portal using your email and password, at which stage you will select your team (if you are the organiser) and click “My Statement”.
(Please note a 3% surcharge will be added for this service).

Cash Payments are also possible. You are welcome to bring cash on any evening, but please make sure that it is in a clearly marked envelope.

Team Questions

This depends on the specific competition, but invariably the answer is 14 during one specific game.

Captains should do their best to only field registered players.

If your team is short of players and requires ring-ins/fill-ins, then this can be allowed with permission from the referee and captain. These players should not be playing in a grade two levels higher than the team for which they are helping.

It is the responsibility of the team organiser to register all of their players on our league management system. When new players join the team, they also need to be registered.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: All players need to have played at least 4 regular-season games to contest a knock-out or finals game.

Equipment Details

Yes. This is very important to aid referees in distinguishing between teams. All of the players must wear identical coloured shirts. Please note “identical”, which means NOT a random selection of blue, black or red shirts. Shirts don't need to be numbered but are highly recommended to assist referee communication.

Touch boots, or particularly moulded boots or multi-studs, are ideal. Metal studs, football cleats with screw-in studs and barefoot are not allowed.

We are not draconian, so essential jewellery can be worn as long as it's not dangerous to the opposition. Catchy earrings, rings and watches, in particular, must be taken off.

We will supply all the match balls. However, we ask that you do not use these match balls to warm up with. Please see the venue manager if you would like a ball to warm up with. We have heaps of old balls that we are happy to give to your team if required!

Competition Details

FIT 8th Edition Touch Rules are mainly applied. There might be local rules, such as 2 points per female try, 5-a-side or amended rules to help and encourage Juniors to participate. Those are specific league rules and will be advised as per each competition. Often referees, in their sole discretion, can choose to be lenient or helpful in their application of rules, mainly where it is a social game or involving juniors.

Summer is usually 14 weeks. Winter Comps vary between 12 and 16 weeks.

They are always competitions starting but mainly in Summer (around Labour weekend – end of October, through to March).

This depends on the grading structure. We aim to create equal grades, which can vary between 5 and 12 teams depending on the depth of competition. We often have a cross pool game, which can involve a game against a team from a lower grade.

Not specifically, although we often re-grade teams if we find them not coping in their current grade.

Your enjoyment and creating grades of even-strength is what we do. We usually grade teams over the first 1-3 weeks of each competition.

Games take place every 40 minutes (2 x 18-minute halves). Victoria Park and Newmarket Touch games are 35 minutes (16min halves). Winter Touch is 45 minutes. Junior Touch games tend to take place in 30-minute intervals.

Tap-Off times for the leagues will vary from week to week. If there is a specific time that your team cannot play, please contact the competition manager. We do our best to accommodate time requests and clashes with other sports.

All draws will be published on our website under Fixtures & Results, and all games will be confirmed via email.

Games are usually played “rain or shine”. We would only consider cancellation if the fields are closed or there are dangerous conditions for play. Teams will be informed by:

  1. An email is sent to organisers and teams
  2. We post a status update on our Facebook Page
  3. We aim to text captains
  4. A status update on this website's home page

These four mechanisms, along with social media's power, help us get a quick message out if needs be. But remember - we seldom cancel!

Should a team fail to turn up or not be ready to start (i.e. with the minimum permitted number of players) within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time, they will forfeit the game.

The manager on duty is instructed to do their best to arrange a friendly game if possible.

Yes, an experienced and usually a level 1 qualified referee will be supplied for all games.


We don’t award prize money, but a range of product prizes might involve a significant restaurant voucher, a team kit, a barbecue pack or a discount on future competitions.

General Registration Information

It couldn’t be easier, simply find the competition that you wish to enter and click on the "Enter Competition" link. If you are still stuck – call us for a chat!

Yes, we have the odd team coming and the odd team going in most instances so that we can find you a spot!

Ideally, you will register as a whole team. However, we also have a function for individual registrations.

If a player registers as an individual, we will endeavour (but cannot promise) to find them a suitable team.

We pride ourselves on having Social and slightly more serious grades. Hopefully, your team will find their depth.

The Team Organiser is the key contact point for the team and our most important person ever!!

They are responsible for registering the team, registering the players and arranging payment of the entry fee.

All communications re-team matters will be to the Team Organiser.

Team Organiser Information

The Team Organiser will need the name of the team, the names, email addresses and a contact telephone number for each player to be registered in the team.

Each competition will have a registration deadline date clearly posted. However, if spaces are still available in a competition, we sometimes still accept registrations after the scheduled start date. In most cases, the competition will fill up before the deadline date, so it is recommended that you register your team as soon as your team confirms that they want to play.

We use a top-end league management system called – It focuses on the Team Manager’s job and allows all team members to communicate, view stats and receive automatic fixture reminders.

You can enter a team via the Enter tab on our main menu, homepage or the various links throughout this website.

Full payment is always convenient; however, we will accept a deposit of $100 to secure your spot and full payment two weeks from the commencement of the competition.

It is the responsibility of the team organiser to register all of their players on to the league management system before the start of the first game.

You can continue to register and de-register players throughout the competition.

Yes, it's easy! Email the competition manager if you would like to change your team.

You will receive a confirmation email once your team has been correctly registered.

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