Individual Players

At the height of TOUCH season we run over 500 teams a week. Coordinating individuals is a tough ask BUT we do our very best to match individuals into teams. We do it as a service to our Touch community and nothing beats a group of individuals becoming best mates thanks to a season of Touch!

There are many reasons you can’t enter a full team, be it that…

  • You are new to the city?

  • You are the parent of a budding junior player

  • Your old team is not longer playing!

  • You want to play more than once a week!

  • You want to play in Winter & play indoors (Turbo)

  • Want to join and Over 35’s / Womens team

  • Your friends play soccer

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Individual Players Touch RugbyIndividual Players Touch Rugby

Choose your competition from the list below & CLICK HERE to complete the online process. Competitions usually last between 14 weeks for adults and 7 week for juniors.

Pay via Debit or Credit card through our online system. (Regrettably you do need to PAY, so we can gain your commitment.)

Once you have entered, we group you with the other individuals and might allocate you a corny “team name” which you can change of course.

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WARNING!: Sometimes these teams fail, because of lack of commitment from the individuals or the lack of a co-coordinator. If there is a lack of numbers to make a full team, we can offer your team participation at a reduced rate or a full refund*

Whats included in your Entry Fee?

  1. We set  you up in our draw. You are a bona-fide player now!
  2. We give you each other’s contact details, but our online system takes care of reminders and management
  3. We do our best to find a team manager / captain.
    or take over the management of the team and get your fees free
  4. A team shirt- of course you can spend more and get fancier ones!
  5. A season of competition, exercise, social interaction & great touch (most of the time)
  6. A Full refund if you want to pull-out within the first 2 weeks of each competition*
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