Abbreviated Rules of Touch

Change of Possession

  • Ball dropped to the ground
  • Dummy Half touched while in possession
  • 6th touch
  • Dummy Half places the ball on or over the scoreline
  • Incorrect rollball
  • Incorrect tap
  • Ball on or over a boundary

At a change of possession, play restarts with a ROLLBALL


  • Position at the mark where the touch was made
  • Face attacking scoreline
  • Without delay, roll the ball backwards between the legs at a distance of not more than 1 metre
  • Dummy Half must pick up the ball cleanly and play without delay

At the rollball, the Referee shall indicate the touch count.


  • A touch can be affected by either a defending player or by the player in possession
  • A touch counts on the ball, hair or clothing
  • After 6 touches, a change of possession shall take place

Penalty Infringements

  • Forward pass
  • Touch & pass
  • Performing a rollball before being touched
  • Performing a rollball off the mark
  • Using more than minimum force to effect a touch
  • Claiming a touch when the touch was not affected
  • Defender offside at rollball – 5 metres
  • Defender offside at the tap – 10 metres
  • Playing more players than the allowable number
  • Incorrect substitution
  • Delaying play
  • Obstruction
  • Misconduct

At a Penalty, play restarts with a TAP to the non-offending team.

To Perform a Tap

  • Ball must be placed on the ground at the mark
  • Ball must be released from both hands
  • Ball is tapped with either foot at a distance of not more than 1 metre
  • Ball must be picked up cleanly

To Score a Touchdown

  • Ball must be placed on or over the scoreline
  • Ball does not have to be released to score a touchdown
  • Dummy Half is not permitted to score touchdowns
  • If a touch is made as the ball is being grounded – the touch counts
  • If a touch occurs in the touchdown zone, play restarts 5 metres infield from the scoreline

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