What is Turbo Touch?
Turbo Touch

Are you into a totally social, fun and action-packed game like no other that is perfect for all fitness levels and abilities? Unlike traditional Touch, the ball can be passed forwards (and backwards, sideways, any way you like!) with teams only having two possessions to create a Touchdown; this creates an expressive style of play where the glory can be shared by the whole team.

People from all over New Zealand are now getting together with friends, family and colleagues to take to the Turbo Touch® field or court. As a cross-training option for Netball, Rugby, Rugby League, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Touch or any other sport it’s the perfect social sport to keep you active and on-game. It’s not just for experienced sportspeople though; even if you don’t know a touchline from a centre circle, Turbo Touch® is easy to pick up but impossible to stop.

Turbo Touch Competitions
Winter Touch
FRIDAY EVENINGS from the 26th July 2024 until the 4th October 2024.
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Winter Touch
MONDAY EVENINGS from the 29th July 2024 until the 14th October 2024.
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