Become a Referee or Manager and get trained by Auckland’s finest.

Our leagues are growing, and with more teams than ever to accommodate, we need to grow our team of referees and managers. You represent our philosophy of an Overall Touch Experience, so your impact goes beyond the match itself. How you greet a team, handle a challenging situation and explain your decisions all affect our customers’ experience.

We have a passionate group of fellow referees that would like to train you, help you advance through your levels or maybe assist you in earning some extra money. In our weekly core of referees, we boast black badge referees, numerous provincial directors, national and international referees, and just your average Touch Players looking for that extra something that refereeing brings.

So whether you’re thinking of refereeing for the first time or have been qualified for years, we’d like to hear from you. Email or call us – at 027 666 5668

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